short films & Music VIDEO

Make a cup of tea, have a little break, watch some nice things.
A mix of weird surreal short animation and vibrant music videos (equally as weird)
It’s like YouTube without the endless sea of bland influencers

Tour De Pants
Directed - Milk & Peppers
Sound- TigerBear Audio

You should thank your lucky stars we invented round wheels otherwise bike races would have been rubbish

There was an Old Man with a beard
Directed - Milk & Peppers
Sound- TigerBear Audio

A short animation for our social media channels (hence the loop) created to celebrate Limerick Day and poet Edward Lear. 

I like Making Up Words Like;
Directed - Jack Purling
Music - Henhouse
Music video for the fab bunch HenHouse making cool music for kids that won't drive the adults insane.

Hobo with an Oboe
Directed- Jack Purling
Music - Marcus Bonafanti
Additional music - Colin Roe

One of Jack’s originals from way back when. Surreal narrative piece set to music.

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